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All of Stella and Milo’s puppies found their forever families! We’ll let you know when we have more. 🐶🐶🐶

Goldador puppies are affectionate and easy to train. The English golden retrievers are known for their more laid back demeanors while the labs are known for their intelligence and loyalty.  This cross makes our puppies wonderful therapy dogs, hunting companions and family pets.  Each puppy is unique, with some taking on the traits of the golden retriever with the longer coat and others looking like their lab parent.  No matter their physical features, all are sure to be loyal, loving companions.

. Puppies will be up to date on vaccines and dewormings and will have a nose to tail checkup by our wonderful vet to ensure they're in optimal health before going to their new homes.


Finn, or Finny as we like to call him, is a darker golden and so pretty.  He loves to play and is quite sociable.   1st and 2nd vaccines and regular dewormings.  Ready to go now!


Get in touch to find out more about our litters.

Available Puppies: Goldador Puppies
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