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Adopting a Puppy

Things to consider when you're looking to adopt a puppy:

  •  Do you have the time and patience?  

    Puppies take time to get accustomed to their new homes and require lots of patience the first few months. 

  • Will you be able to keep up on the puppy's shots, dewormings and everything your vet recommends to keep your puppy healthy? 

  • Will you be able to provide him/her the space to play and get proper exercise?  A bored puppy is one that gets into mischief.  Although we have gotten them used to the crate, we do not recommend leaving them crated for more than a couple hours at a time. A crate should never be used for punishment; the puppy should like his crate and want to go in it.  Remember to remove collars before putting them in the crate.

  • Will you agree to spay or neuter your puppy by one year of age or as your vet recommends and keep them away from all intact males/females until then, with no attempts at mating them?

  • Do you agree to love your puppy unconditionally?  We believe that owning a dog is not just a privilege, but a responsibility.  They're  dependent on us for food, shelter, companionship and so much more, and in turn will return your love many times over ❤️

  • ***********************

*A $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your puppy. Puppies are chosen at 6 weeks of age, when their personalities are showing and are chosen in the order of deposits received. If you cannot commit to a puppy after putting down a deposit, the deposit can go toward a future litter. 


Adoption: Adopting a Puppy
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